Want to Improve Your Prospecting Talent? Book Private Gold Tours in Australia and Uncover the Best Gold in Melbourne and Sydney with Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventures

Since the 1800s, gold prospecting has been a favourite activity within Australia. The initial gold rush took hold of interested parties in the late 1800s and began to boom and decline in spurts ever since. Famous gold nuggets, such as the huge 460-ounce nugget uncovered near Wiluna, have been discovered throughout Australia, making the country well known as holding the largest gold nuggets in the world.

During depressions and recessions, gold prices soar, boosting the popularity of gold mining. Today, gold mining is not as bustling as it once was, but prospecting for gold is still an enjoyable and often rewarding hobby that many residents take very seriously. Due to this interest, there are many private gold tours near Sydney and Melbourne that prospectors can participate in to increase their skills and knowledge of gold mining practices.

Find the Ultimate Private Gold Tours near Melbourne and Sydney

There are many private gold tours throughout Australia, but none quite as comprehensive and beneficial as those offered by Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventures. Our company makes a living by hosting gold prospecting tours across Australia, including private gold tours near Sydney and Melbourne. We're a group of individuals with over 30 years of experience in the prospecting industry, and we love showing other gold enthusiasts our tips and tricks of the trade.

We offer private gold tours near Melbourne and Sydney for those searching for flexible gold prospecting touring experiences. We use high quality Minelab metal detectors which we can teach you how to use properly. These tours are perfect for residents and tourists looking for more personalised and customisable tours and can be easily tweaked and designed to cover the places you are most interested in exploring.

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All our incredible private tours operate across Victoria and explore the highly popular Victoria goldfields. We offer both inclusive and non-inclusive tours, so you can decide whether you'd like other accommodations or would prefer to bring your own camping and gold prospecting gear. Our trainers will be alongside you for the duration of the tour offering tips, advice, and valuable teachings.

In addition to the gold prospecting tuition you’ll receive, you’ll also have opportunities for sightseeing, spotting all types of wildlife, fishing, and even visiting wineries throughout your tour. Your tours can also cover a variety of requested locations. You can book your private tour for one or two people, so grab your spouse, sibling, or best friend to make this tour as memorable as possible.

If you’d like to take the best private tour available in Australia through the Victoria goldmines, book with us today for the most flexible and personalised touring experiences around. To schedule your custom tour or to learn more about our services, give us a call on 1300 882 199.