Looking for Interesting Melbourne Outback Tours Full of Adventure and Tourist Attractions? Book Your Next Tour with Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventures for the Time of Your Life

Melbourne has many popular tours for tourists and residents alike, offering extreme Melbourne adventure tours across popular attractions, whether by foot or hot air balloon. There's so much to explore in Melbourne and many unique ways to explore this region. If you're looking for original Melbourne tourist tours to keep you entertained and engaged, why not try a gold prospecting tour? These gold prospecting events in Melbourne are outback tours that offer you breathtaking views and scenery, as well as the possibility of finding gold.

Are you feeling motivated yet? Melbourne adventure tours coupled with prospecting training are the perfect way to spend an afternoon, weekend, or week away with your family, friends, co-workers, or by yourself for a solo vacation. If prospecting sounds intriguing to you, learn more from Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventure Tours.

Discover Melbourne’s Best Tourist Tours with Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventure Tours

What's so great about the chance of finding gold? There's something thrilling about the prospect of finding money or items of value in seemingly unexpected places. We've all likely found money in old jacket pockets, in our vehicles, or other unlikely places when least anticipated. Wouldn't you love the rush of always being on the prowl for something just as valuable, and better yet, finding it often?

At Gold & Relics, we’ve been teaching residents from Australia and abroad how to successfully hunt for gold, while continuously improving their gold prospecting techniques. We have the best trainers in the industry who love sharing the knowledge and advice with eager learners. We also get to tour some of the best areas in Melbourne and other parts of stunning Australia, making our tours a true vacation in paradise.

What Can I Expect to Gain from Gold Prospecting Melbourne Adventure Tours?

When you book one of our tours, you can look forward to learning in a hands-on manner from qualified prospecting instructors. If you're a beginner, we'll walk you completely through how to pan for gold, what kinds of metal detectors to use, and which coils work best. More experienced prospectors-in-training will learn essential tips, like where to find the best gold and much more. There's something for everyone to learn from our skilled team.

In addition, you can expect to walk around some of the most stunning places in Australia. Our tours all take place in different areas, such as Melbourne, Victoria, Western Australia, and New South Wales. Depending on the experience you'd like, you can even book overnight trips, some of which are all-inclusive, and others where you bring your own food, tent, camping and hiking gear. It's all about creating the perfect adventure tour for your enjoyment.

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