Enjoy Incredible Gold Rush Tours in Sydney from Gold & Relic Gold Prospecting Adventures

Have you always enjoyed the thrill of finding something new and exciting? Do you love gaining something out of nothing? If you appreciate the possibilities of potentially stumbling upon a fortune or simply finding your own wealth buried deep beneath the dirt and earth in Australia, you might fall in love with gold prospecting tours near Sydney. Gold tours across Sydney not only take you on trips to find gold, but the best ones also teach you much-needed gold prospecting techniques that can help you perfect the fine art of finding gold.

Gold tours across Sydney are extremely popular since Australia is known for having the largest gold nuggets on the planet. People often come from all over the world to explore this incredible country and to take gold rush tours near Sydney to try their luck at panning for gold. If you’re looking to gain some education about how to hunt for gold in Australia, book a gold tour excursion with the best in the industry, Gold & Relic Gold Prospecting Adventures.

Embark on Gold Prospecting Tours around Sydney with Gold & Relic Gold Prospecting Adventures

Learning how to pan and hunt for gold properly is a skill that can be easily taught and improved. Whether you've never done anything like this before or are a seasoned veteran of the gold world, taking a gold tour with Gold & Relic Gold Prospecting Adventures is the perfect way to improve or refine your gold prospecting skills.

Our company has been providing gold tours and tuition for over 12 years with a program that's fully committed to helping you learn. We believe hands-on training is the best way to learn, which is why all of our training sessions occur while out in the Australian outback or wilderness, actually prospecting for gold. We'll teach you all the tricks you'll need to know along the way so that you'll get the absolute best value out of your gold mining trip.

Get Complete Flexibility When Booking with Gold & Relic Gold Prospecting Adventures

We understand that everyone learns differently and not everyone will thrive in the same experience. Some people like to learn the tricks of the trade and set off on their own to search for gold on their own time, in their own way. That’s why we offer private tours as well as brief half day or day-long training sessions. Others love being in the company of like-minded individuals when searching for gold and will benefit greatly from our team-focused week to two week long excursions.

No matter which learning style fits your life, we've got the perfect gold panning adventure in store for you. Book with a group, request a private tour or learn more about our overnight camping tag-along-tours in our Adventures section. Still looking for more information? Reach out to one of our knowledgeable team members via email at info@goldandrelics.com.au or via phone on 1300 882 199.