Are You Looking to Learn a New, Valuable Skill This Year? Consider Searching for Gold on Gold Rush Tours near Perth, Presented by Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventures

Starting a new year can often be the best time for a change, improvement, and new resolutions. Perhaps you want to find a new activity or passion to fall in love with, while also getting more exercise or travelling. Wouldn't it be great if you could find a pursuit you enjoyed that also entailed activity and travel, but wasn't overly strenuous? If you're still searching for the perfect hobby to get into during this new year, you might want to consider gold prospecting by attending gold rush tours around the Perth area.

If you’re unfamiliar with gold prospecting tours around Perth, then you might not have realised gold prospecting was still a popular activity. The truth is, Australia holds some of the rarest, biggest gold nuggets on the globe, which makes taking gold prospecting tours across Perth an extremely popular activity. Curious? Learn from the best, first-hand when you sign up for gold tours in Perth hosted by Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventures.

Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventures: Leading the Best Gold Tours around Perth

Why should you consider Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventures over other, seemingly similar companies? Our company is the only licenced tourism gold prospecting and touring company in the country, lending credibility to our techniques, tuition, and unique program. Also, our company has been operating for 12 years in the field, but our prospectors and trainers have over 30 years of experience in gold prospecting, making us the most knowledgeable in the entire field.

The other benefit to signing up for our gold tours are the real results you'll uncover. Guests find gold every day on our excursions, and our trainers will teach you the best insider tips that real prospectors don't want you to know. Our tours aren't solely informational; they're hands on and provide you with real opportunities to find your own gold.

Why is Gold Prospecting So Popular?

Gold prospecting is enjoyed by many across Australia due to the plentiful amounts of gold often uncovered in the Australian outback and wilderness. Of course, this is only half the story as to why this hobby is so beloved. Prospecting also allows you to rely on your own savvy and skills to find real gold, teaches you diligence and patience, and allows you to travel and explore the beauty of our fair country.

Prospecting often include a merger of favourite outdoor activities, from hiking and camping to photography and exploring, all while finding valuable gold nuggets! It's a fun activity to enjoy solo or with a group, making it ideal for everyone.

Are you ready to learn how to prospect gold like the pros? Discover your new favourite hobby by signing up for one of our quality gold rush adventures, complete with hands-on training. To learn more, give us a call at 1300 882 199.