Looking for Unforgettable Ballarat Outback Tours Full of Adventure? Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventures are the Perfect Tourist Attraction

If you are visiting Australia or still planning your trip to the great down under, you’re probably scanning through some of the most popular Ballarat tourist tours. Ballarat is a beautiful area with tonnes to see, and as a result, there are many incredible and scenic Ballarat adventure tours offered in the area. Whether you’re travelling abroad on your own or bringing friends or family, there are Ballarat outback tours that are bound to be perfect for you.

Some of the more traditional Ballarat tourist tours include the typical sightseeing excursions and guides, but don’t provide much more for you to do, other than take in the sights. While these tours are perfect for some visitors, you might be looking for a little more action or more insight into this gorgeous area. If you want to explore Australia the right way, make sure you book an action-packed tour you’ll never forget.

Book Ballarat Adventure Tours with Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventures

One of the most popular and unique tours across Ballarat are gold rush tours. These gold prospecting tours teach you all about searching for gold, provide you with tips on how and where to find the best or largest sized gold nuggets, and allow you to explore the beauty of the Australian outback, up close and personal.

While you might see many results for gold rush tours in the area, there's only one accredited tourist adventure: Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventures. Our scenic and active tours allow you to engage in the gold prospecting tips we teach, all while taking in the grand Australian wilderness. As a professional gold rush touring company, we have a tremendous amount of experience prospecting for gold and will be sure to instil the same passion and thrill of the chase within you.

What to Expect if You’re New to Gold Prospecting

Hundreds of beginners embark on our adventure tours each year. While the particular tour you select is up to your discretion, many of our newcomers prefer the half or full day tours across beautiful Victoria. These tours have pickup locations in Ballarat or Creswick and will get your completely up to speed on the art of gold prospecting. These tours are also perfect for families looking to squeeze an unforgettable tour into their vacation schedule.

We also provide slightly more advanced and adventurous tours lasting anywhere from a few days to a week, throughout NSW and WA. Choose from inclusive or non-inclusive options and camp outdoors, dig during the day and enjoy stunning sights in your downtime. We can also provide private tours if you'd like a more one-on-one experience.

During your visit to Australia, skip the boring, typical tours and set off on a gold rush adventure instead! Find gold, build confidence, and see the outback up close, all in one convenient package. Call 1300 882 199 for more details.