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Australia is one of the most gorgeous places on the planet to explore. It’s no wonder there are so many unique and stunning Australia adventure tours available for selection by lucky tourists. It doesn't matter if Australia is a foreign land to you or if you call this gorgeous country home, there are Australia tourist tours perfect for every type of explorer or sightseer.

If you crave adventure, you might be looking for Australia outback tours that include climbing, hiking, camping, and general exploration activities. If it’s new places and hidden wonders you’re seeking, you might look for Australia outback tours that take you to unique and unusual places.

While these Australia tourist tours are special in their own way, wouldn't it also be fun to take a supreme tour where you see all of these beautiful places, learn new skills, meet like-minded people, and possibly find some valuable assets along the way? If this sounds thrilling, then you just might be seeking a gold rush tour with Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventures.

Take Incredible Australia Adventure Tours with Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventures

When it comes to the most action-packed, exciting, and profitable tours across Australia, Gold & Relics Gold Prospecting Adventures is the company that delivers. We offer incredible adventure packs for beginners or more proficient prospectors and ensure everyone participating learns something new every time they book a tour. Our trainers are passionate about gold prospecting and are bound to get you excited for your gold rush adventure.

Our company is also one of the most experienced in the area, and the only gold prospecting tuition company that is fully accredited in Australia. We’ve been showing people just like you how to pan for gold for over 12 years and possess over 30+ years of gold prospecting experience. If you want to make sure you get your money’s worth on your gold tour, book with us.

Check Out the Other Places You’ll Explore During Our Adventure Tours

While the gold prospecting initially draws in guests, the exclusive and gorgeous locations we visit is another bonus. Our half day and full day long trips both take place in Victoria (picking up in Ballarat or Creswick). Looking for even more adventure? Try our three-day prospecting trip to the Golden Triangle.

We also host longer tag along trips, like our seven day New South Wales excursion and ten-day Western Australia event. For an even longer time exploring, book our all-inclusive Western Australia tour lasting for up to two weeks. You'll see some incredible sights while meeting dozens of new and fascinating people.

If you've been debating on what kind of adventure tour you should go on, give our prospecting gold tours a try. We guarantee you'll fall in love with the thrill of the chase! Call to book on 1300 882 199.