Elevate your gold prospecting skills with our immersive multi-day boot camps in the legendary Golden Triangle of the Victorian Goldfields. This educational experience is designed to take your knowledge of gold prospecting and metal detecting to the next level, empowering you to find gold the smarter way.


Benefit from expert tuition provided by our instructors, who will share invaluable insights and techniques honed through years of experience. Dive deep into the world of prospecting with hands-on learning and ample prospecting time to practice your newfound skills.


Please note that this is a tag-along tour, requiring participants to arrange their meals, accommodation, and prospecting equipment. Join us for a transformative journey that unlocks the secrets of successful gold prospecting in one of Australia's most iconic gold-rich regions.


Learn how to:

Research areas
Read the ground
Choose a coil
Improve your technique
Find more gold
Hints and tips about using your detector



Gather at the designated pick-up location for a 10am departure. (Location varies by tour)
Tag along in your vehicle as we venture into the goldfields.
Upon arrival, receive a warm welcome and introduction to the rich history of the area.
Engage in a comprehensive group session focusing on expert tips and techniques.
Venture out for an exciting prospecting expedition.
Conclude the day's adventures, feeling that you have learnt a lot and picked up some valuable tips, and return to the designated drop-off 4:30pm location.


What to Bring:

A fully charged detector and its accessories (scoop, pick, vial), unless you're opting to hire them.
Food and Drinks for the duration of the tour
Dress in layers and be ready for any weather – we might encounter all four seasons in a single day!
Opt for long pants and comfortable closed-toe shoes (please avoid steel caps, as they may cause interference with metal detectors).