An educational two, three or four day gold prospecting boot camp that will boost your knowledge of gold prospecting and metal detecting to the next level.  Learn how to find gold the smarter way!  Expert tuition by your instructors, who will teach you some real gems and loads of prospecting time to try out your new skills.  This is a tag-along tour and as such you are responsible for providing your meals, accommodation and prospecting equipment.  Location: The Golden Triangle.


Tag-a-long 2 Day $385.00
Tag-a-long 3 Day $567.00
Tag-a-long 4 Day $699.00

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Available Dates:

Two Day

Saturday 24th Feb - Sunday 25th Feb 2024

Three Day

Saturday 16th March - Monday 18th March 2024

Four Day

Friday 26th April - Monday 29th April


Learn how to:

  • Research areas
  • Read the ground
  • Choose a coil
  • Improve your technique
  • Find more gold
  • Hints and tips about using your detector