7 to 14 Day All Inclusive Outback Western Australia Gold Prospecting Adventure


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It is a weary but contented group of new and experienced prospectors returning to camp after a day out gold prospecting in outback Western Australian. Several of them have found some very nice gold nuggets today and there will be a lot of great stories of the gold finds being told tonight. This is all part of our seven to fourteen day all-inclusive Gold and Relics Gold Prospecting Adventure tour in Western Australia.

An exciting foray into the goldfields finding gold nuggets is something you will remember for the rest of your life. It is the adventure of a lifetime, dealing with the elements of the outback and pitting your wits against nature and finally having a win with your gold nugget finds. Gold fever is often caught or re-caught on this trip.

After a good days’ prospecting, it is time to sit back and devour an appetising evening meal, refresh and get ready for a relaxing evening.

We visit the sights of the district and prospect at different locations to find which area is going to give up its treasures to you. We would love you to accompany us on tour  –see for yourself why we are so passionate about gold prospecting – come and join in the fun!


Price:  $3980.00

PLEASE NOTE: Due to unpredictable flight restrictions, border closures and quarantine requirements, we will not be running our all inclusive tours in 2021. Please contact us on 0444 506 490 if you are interested in being on the waiting list for 2022.