7 Day All Inclusive Outback Western Australia Gold Prospecting Adventure


Adventure with us on a seven-day all-inclusive Gold and Relics Gold Prospecting Adventure tour in Western Australia, where our tribe of prospectors return to camp after an exhilarating day of gold prospecting in the outback. Imagine the thrill of finding gold nuggets and sharing stories of the day's discoveries around a campfire. Later on, indulge in a delicious meal, refresh, and unwind for a relaxing evening. Explore the district's sights and discover different treasure-rich locations, adding to the thrill of the hunt.

 We provide 7 nights accommodation, all meals, the latest Minelab metal detectors, transport to and from specific gold prospecting locations each day in our 4WD bus and the best gold prospecting trainers in the world (well, we think so anyway!)

 This adventure is a blend of excitement and challenge, as you pit your wits against nature in pursuit of gold treasures. Gold fever often takes hold, igniting a passion that lasts a lifetime. Join us and experience firsthand why we are so passionate about gold prospecting. Come and be part of the fun and adventure!


This tour includes daily gold prospecting expeditions, training and tuition. Each day you are taken to a different location (which is kept top secret!).


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What is included:

- All licences and permissions to prospect the area
- Metal detector and prospecting equipment
- Gold prospecting tuition
- Accommodation in a private room in a Miners' Accommodation Village
- All meals
- Non-alcoholic drinks
- Return flights from Perth to Leonora

What you need to provide:

- Transport from home to Perth and Perth to home
- Accommodation in Perth if required
- Clothing, toiletries and personal items



What You Will Learn:


1.   What are the best settings for my detector?


2.   How do I know if my detector is optimised?


3.     How can I find more gold? Am I listening for the right sounds?


4.     What do different coils do? Why do I need different coils? Which coil suits my detector? Which coil should I be using for the best performance?


5.     How do I pinpoint a target? Do I need a pinpointer? How do I pinpoint without a pinpointer?


6.     How do I read the ground? What do different soils mean? What does different flora mean?


7.     What are indicators?


8.     I hear a lot of talk about research. What is it and how do I do it?


9.     So, I’ve found gold – how do I clean my gold? How do I get the best price for my gold?


This 7 day adventure will increase your knowledge in geology, research, advanced metal detector use, coils, technique, gold spots, mindset, prospecting etiquette, tips and tricks. 


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